Agriculture and Agribusiness

Agriculture and Agro-Industry

MP_agri_misiones_027Food Security

With hundreds of agro-technology companies, Israel is a global leader in the development of technologies for food security.   Ocean Business brings together a team of agronomists to find the right solution for your requirements. Among the technological solutions we work with are:


  • Water conservation
  • Precision agriculture
  • Aquaculture
  • Genetic improvement of crops
  • Seeds with high commercial potential
  • Selection of successful seedlings
  • Post-harvest technologies
  • Cooling systems, grading and packaging systems
  • Micro-irrigation solutions and protection of crops and soil
  • Greenhouses, frameworks, coatings
  • Control systems, and ventilation, cooling and heating systems
  • Fertirrigation systems
  • Systems for increased production
  • Post harvest technologies

We also create partnerships to develop, implement, and manage large agro-industrial projects in emerging markets. We bring the technology, the professionals, and in some cases the financial resources.