Energy and Environment

Today Israel has over 200 companies offering solutions in the energy field. The export of energy and water technologies from Israel reaches nearly $1 billion annually.  This number is supposed to grow sharply due to the number of countries around the world that want to adopt these technologies.

Examples of eco-technologies innovations in the energy and environment fields in Israel are as follows:

Solar Thermal Energy

Israel is a pioneer in the use of renewable energy for decades when a system of water heaters that take advantage of passive use of solar energy was nationally adopted. This system saved the country 4-7% of fossil energy importation. Due to the abundance of sunshine in Israel, it is natural that most of the research in renewable energy and its applications focus on solar energy.

A new solar-hybrid generation unit grown from the academic and trade cooperation presents a new concept of optical and mechanical dish that powers a special receiver and generates electricity through the use of units that capture small amounts of solar energy that can be combined to create a larger power generation plant.

A solar thermal 150-megawatt unit, which is being built in Negev desert, will initially be able to provide energy to 50,000 households, and may end up producing 500MW energy for Israeli communities. This Israeli technology already works for 9 plants that produce 350 MW in Mogave desert, United States.


Photo-electric panels that are also used in Israel have increased their efficiency to convert sunlight into electricity up to 35%, and it is estimated to go up to 45%.

Another Israeli innovation is a “solar water” plant that can transform any water surface in a solar energy platform.

Other companies provide redistributed sun collection and use PV monitoring systems — an optical design to extract the most of PV energy with minimal space usage — promising efficiency that will bring the cost of solar power generation to less than 25% of the actual cost.

Energy from Biomass

Much has been written about the use of biomass as an energy source. Israeli experience may be advantageous here too. Israeli scientists have developed disease-resistant plants, as well as fruits and vegetables that grow in turbid waters and hybrids that allow winter varieties for colder climates. Private companies have also contributed to this development for the direct production of electricity or hydrogen from wastewater.

Through a combination of computational genomics, molecular biology, and advanced breeding methods, Israel is a leader in this field and is constantly looking for plant species that can help to biomass production. Two orientation fields of research are the use of jatropha seeds which are resistant to drought and castor beans for bio-diesel production. Another study uses catalysts for bio-diesel enzymes to control reactions between ethanol and methanol, therefore obtaining cheaper and cost-effective bio-diesel products.

Geothermal Energy

An Israeli multinational company has signed agreements with energy companies worldwide that use proven geothermal technologies. To date, the company has built or equipped more than 1,300MW of geothermal power in several countries all over the world.

Energy Efficiency

A pioneer in the field of energy saving, there is a company that produces the best solutions for energy efficiency in high power lighting, with proven up to 70% savings on energy consumption by integrating intelligent ballasts, using low power lamps, and optimizing the lighting control system. Its basic application are places whose illumination systems take advantage of HID (High Intensity Discharge) bulbs e.g. highways and avenues, agricultural greenhouses, parking lots, industrial warehouses, shopping centers, etc. (indoor and outdoor areas), department stores and the like where the lighting level can be automatically varied. They enable an efficient transition to LED type lamps where there is a wide range of LED products.


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