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Scouting for water and cleantech technologies in Israel

Perhaps some of you are considering to attend the approaching water and environmental technologies Watec Exhibition and Conference that will be held from 12-14 Sept 2017 at Tel Aviv, Israel. This is a great venue to meet the innovators, the companies and the stakeholders that are transforming the world water sector. Inspired by these, we prepared a special video for those who are scouting for water technologies in Israel.

Agtech, Biotech and Foodtech

Israeli AgTech is attracting the attention of the investors. Startups specializing in precision irrigation, decision support technology, crop protection, crop nutrition and plant genetics and breeding are popular on the local scene. Israel’s leading role in biotechnology and agricultural innovation is also expanding to the growing food industry.  We share a video that outlines our approach to the deal making process for AgTech in Israel.

Featured emerging water technology that aims to provide clean, drinkable water extracting the water from the air

Developed a technology to obtain water from air. The company built machines designed to harvest air and turn it into fresh drinking water. Their large scale water generator produces over 3,000 liters of clean, fresh water every day. The technology is designed for warm and humid locations.

Featured AgTech Company applies plant genomics to improve plant performance

Specialize in improving traits through applying biotechnology and advanced breeding for a wide variety of crops. Examples of this are improved yield and drought tolerance in crops.

Featured renewable energy startup:  Power from the Ocean

Developed a technology for obtaining renewable energy from the sea using wave energy convertors. The convertors turns water into electricity driven floating devices, which rise and fall with the waves’ up-and-down motion and the changes in water levels.

Featured Food Tech startup:  First commercial grasshopper farm

Proposing a sustainable grasshopper protein. Rich in protein, contains amino acids and a neutral taste, it could become a protein player in providing solutions to future food crisis.

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