Representations of foreign companies in Israel

Ocean Business in collaboration with the Israeli company Oryan develops attractive growth opportunities for international companies seeking new markets in Israel.

Companies who wish to work in the Israeli market and understand that they need local commercial arm to make it happen faster and better we can make it happen.

For over two decades, we’ve opened doors and closed deals with Israel’s leading companies in water tech, clean-tech hi-tech, and IT. From creating profitable joint-ventures and successful marketing launches to winning new clients and signing partners hip agreements with leading companies.

We act as your local business development team – giving you access to our extensive network of valuable contacts and local partners. We offer a full suite of business services such as research & intelligence, strategic planning, new business development, sales, marketing and distribution channels.

Investments and Joint Ventures

Our structured scouting process enables international companies to discover high value opportunities, by giving them actionable insight into the intricacies of the Israeli business landscape and specific companies.

Scouting, Investments and JV

Our unique scouting process involves:

·          Learning the requirements, values and vision of the investor or company abroad

·          Centralizing communication with each Israeli company, saving you precious time

·          Identifying key technologies and players and studying their offerings

·          Conducting a preliminary review

·          Arranging the company’s visit to Israel

·          After the visit, providing a  short list of the most promising opportunities and recommending 1-3 best opportunities to proceed with

·          If required, we assist in negotiations and drafting agreements using our local team of lawyers and accountants.

Due Diligence   

This includes company valuations, industry reports, market research, market trends, competitive and risk analysis, and a growth and development forecast based on the above.

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