Mini Turbinas Eólicas para pequeñas aplicaciones


— no noise
— safety
— Efficient and clean
— Long serve life (15-20 years)
— Fast delivery

Working Condition:
1) The turbine rotation without any mechanical friction, More smooth and efficient.
2) Blades made of high strength lightweight aluminum alloy, hollow drawn shape, streamline design, smooth rotation, no noise.
3) Low start wind speed (1 m / s wind speed start), anti-typhoon, anti-corrosion, anti-sand superior performance.
4) Attractive appearance, soft color, easy identification of birds.
5) Ball lightning protection equipment, to effectively prevent natural lightning, in line with the “China National Lightning standard GB50057-94”
6) Low-voltage 12V DC output, without risk of electric shock.
7) The life of more than 20 years, the use of magnetic levitation technology, no mechanical friction, long life 3000w wind turbine parameters

Rated Power: 3000W
Dimensions (height / diameter): 3.30M/3.20M
Weight: 315KG
Blade Material: Aluminum
Number of blades: 3
Minimum start wind speed: 1m / s
Minimum power speed: 2.5m / s
The minimum charge speed: 3.5m / s
Rated wind speed: 13m / s
Maximum cut off wind speed: 15m / s
Can withstand extreme wind speed: 60m / s
Generator type: Three-phase AC
Controller output voltage: DC48
Controller output current: ≤ 130Amp
Controller brake system: over-speed automatic three-phase short-circuit brake
Normal operating temperature: -30 ~ 50 °C

Supply Power: Air-conditioning, refrigerator, washing machine, water pump, rice cooker color TV, lighting, electric fan, charger etc.

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