Mini Turbinas Eólicas para pequeñas aplicaciones

miniturbinas para fines residenciales

Costo efectivas, silenciosas, no vibran, resilientes, duraderas, disenadas para ambientes urbanos. tiene 4.5 metros de alto y 3.5 metros de ancho. Rondan por los 8000$ generan 2 kilowatt.
Main applications:
Flat rooftops in both rural and urban environments
Small businesses
Communication towers
Parking lots, etc.
Highly cost-effective
2, 3.5, and 5 kilowatt (KW) confgurations
Quiet and vibration free operation
Starts producing electricity at wind speeds of less than 2 meters per second
Continues producing power at high wind speeds
Fast return on investment of 3-8 years*
Available for hookup to grid or batteries
Easy and fast installation; two men without a crane can install the turbine on a rooftop
20 year life expectancy, 5 year warranty
Low maintenance
Tower is optional
Patent-pending aerodynamics
Hazard free for birds
Built to withstand high wind speeds

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