Mini Turbinas Eólicas para pequeñas aplicaciones

wl night1

Compact wind turbine ideally suited for both rural and urban locations. This unit can be simply attached to a concrete base or to flat rooftops for power generation capacity of 3.5 or 5 kilowatt.*
Aerodynamically efficient and cost-effective small vertical axis wind turbine in its class. Designed using advanced aerodynamic modeling, it provides more power than other turbines of similar size.
0-100% more cost-effective than any other turbine in its class
Starts producing electricity at a wind speed of less than 3 meters per second. Significantly lower than other existing turbines
Ultra-fast return on investment of 3-8 years*
Different configurations and options include hookup to grid or batteries, 3.5 or 5 kilowatt generator, and more
Minimal vibration
Easy and fast installation
Maintenance free, 15-20 years life expectancy
Patent-pending air flow enhancement
The lotus shape is hazard-free for birds and has a further option of a protective thin net

Main applications:
Flat rooftops in both rural and urban environments
Small businesses
Communication towers
Parking lots, etc.

Technical specifications:
Height: 4.0 meters
Width: 2.5 meters
Weight: approx. 350 kilograms
Blade Diameter: 2 meters
Generator capacity: available in 3.5 or 5 kW
Option of grid or battery connection

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