Despite been in the middle of a desert the Israeli agriculture has achieved incredible results and provides inspiration for many countries in the world. Key components that helped achieve Israel agricultural success are the involvement of the farmers and the research centers through extension services, and the development and implementation of cutting edge technologies. Drip irrigation invented in Israel, and other more recent AgTech inventions have helped increase productivity while reducing the impact on the environment. In fact Israel is a world leader in making cropland more productive.

As the world’s population increases, so does the demand for food—and with it, the pressure to raze forests for more farmland and the increase in the demand for water.

With hundreds of Israeli agro technologies companies and startups willing to share their technologies worldwide the time is now to make the shift towards making cropland more productive and reduce the impact on the environment. Amongst the solutions you will find here are:

  • water conservation,
  • precision agriculture,
  • aquaculture,
  • genetic improvment of crops,
  • seeds with high commercial potential,
  • high quality vegetative material,
  • post-harvest technologies,
  • smart greenhouses
  • fertigation systems
  • biological control of pests
  • advanced milking technologies
  • sensors for livestock managment
  • sensors to monitor crop performance

Water Technologies

The lack of wáter and lands forced israelíes to innovate and develop advanced wáter technological solutions, good practices and management models that today are recognized as some of the most advanced in the world. Hundreds of companies and stratups offer cutting edge solutions for wáter stressed regions.

Water scarcity is one of the most urgent, life-threatening problems facing humanity today.Experts predict that nearly half of the world will experience “high water stress” by 2030.

The israelí wáter ecosystem comprises

  • wáter purification
  • wáter security
  • reuse of wastewater for agriculture
  • irrigation systems
  • waste wáter treatment
  • cleaning of rivers
  • wáter managment and conservation
  • desalination
  • monitoring and control
  • smart sensors and satélite technologies
  • energy efficency for wáter treatment plants

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