Advisory services to support business and projects adopting Israeli technologies

We are a business consulting firm based in Israel that provides advice and support for organizations developing international projects based on Israeli technologies and know-how in the fields of water, agriculture, foodtech, cleantech and environmental protection

Scouting and Support in Israel for Foreign Companies and Investors

We serve as a platform for connections and support with the Israeli innovation, science and technology business sector. International innovation driven companies and investors contacts us to support them in a range of activities. We are purpose driven professionals based in Israel that master the sectors we work in. We help them identify, facilitate and manage commercial opportunities.

Business Development

We help Agtech and Cleantech companies that want to expand their business internationally with focus in the Americas. The contacts and knowledge we have, our multilingual fluency and the rich experience in the business and technological aspects of the sectors we work with, will help you reach your goals.

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Our clients include innovation driven companies that are looking for new technologies, partners, business and commercial opportunities.

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