New Animated Video Tells the Story of Agriculture, Climate Change and the Green Economy

The Farming First coalition has just launched a new, 3-minute animated video called “The Story of Agriculture and the Green Economy“.

 The video highlights the importance of sustainable agriculture in supporting rural livelihoods, feeding a growing population and safeguarding the environment.  The video illustrates the fundamental link between agriculture and the green economy, addressing topics such as climate adaptation/mitigation, economic growth, improved access for women farmers, employment, food security, poverty reduction and sustainable resource management.

 The video is free to be embedded on blogs and websites, and we would be happy to send over a short summary of its key messages and still images from the video should anyone be interested in featuring it on their blogs.

 This animated video is part of Farming First’s multiple award-winning work related to agriculture and the green economy.  You can view the animated video (as well as a related interactive infographic) at the following link:

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