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Deal making for science, technology and industry: 1. Agtech

AgTech refers here to technologies that allow farmers to farm more efficiently and increase production. Drones, robotics, sensors, big data systems, are examples of this growing industry that is increasingly calling the attention of the big players in Silicon Valley. Perhaps the first and most known of AgTech inventions of all times was drip irrigation invented […]

New Software helps increase fresh agriculture production

A new platform that optimizes the use of fertilizers in agriculture is now available to farmers all over the world in any type of environment and weather conditions. This is an interactive software tool that allows each producer to take over the management of fertilization at a professional level, without they have necessarily to have […]

Rain water harvesting the latest trends

                            Rainwater expert Dr. Ilan Adler, who is currently studying water and green technologies, recently visited Israel. Adept in the subject and curious about seeing the innovations developed within Israel – a country recognized as a center of global innovation and a […]

New Animated Video Tells the Story of Agriculture, Climate Change and the Green Economy

The Farming First coalition has just launched a new, 3-minute animated video called “The Story of Agriculture and the Green Economy“.  The video highlights the importance of sustainable agriculture in supporting rural livelihoods, feeding a growing population and safeguarding the environment.  The video illustrates the fundamental link between agriculture and the green economy, addressing topics such […]

New business at the speed of wind

Wind mini turbines tech has been a very popular topic in this blog, so we decided to expand the information. The emphasis is doing on commercial aspects of these wind mini turbines for both rural areas and its new application in cities. Many remote rural areas and even less remote areas have serious problems getting […]

Drip Irrigation systems and water conservation: alternatives and technological innovations

Drip irrigation systems have been widely used as low water consumption systems for irrigation purposes. But which are the trends in 2013? By Tobias Mendelovici, Agronomist of Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Ocean Business Director.This article was translated from its original version in Spanish. Drip irrigation systems allow accurate amounts of water application without waste […]