High-Power, energy saving lighting system made in Israel can save up to 60%

The business of energy saving exceeds $800 billion annually. One of the sub-sectors of this branch is lighting, which represents 14% of all electricity consumption in Europe and 19% of all electricity in the world (source: IEA – International Energy Agency).

In many parts of the world such as Latin America, a very high percentage of luminaires still use old technology with low potential for savings. Therefore, the potential for new energy-saving solutions is huge.

An example of the latest technology is represented by an Israeli company which is a pioneer in the energy saving field and produces the best energy-efficient solutions for high-power lighting with proven energy savings of up to 60%, achieved by integrating smarts ballasts, low-power lamps, and lighting control systems. Its basic application is in places where illumination systems use HID (High Intensity Discharge) bulbs, e.g. highways and avenues, agricultural greenhouses, parking lots, industrial warehouses, shopping centers, etc., where illumination levels can be automatically varied. It allows for an efficient transition to LED lamps.