Deal making for science, technology and industry: 1. Agtech

AgTech refers here to technologies that allow farmers to farm more efficiently and increase production. Drones, robotics, sensors, big data systems, are examples of this growing industry that is increasingly calling the attention of the big players in Silicon Valley. Perhaps the first and most known of AgTech inventions of all times was drip irrigation invented in Israel. Since a whole lot of new innovative techs have emerged that help the farmers to grow more food with less water. For example, the Israeli startup Saturas uses sensors that are placed in the plant to perform water monitoring. The sensor sends the information to automatic irrigation controllers, and if the base line drops the controllers get activated and provide precisely the water needed, no more and no less. The also Israeli Tal Ya created a smart polypropylene tray that collects due and saves 50% of the water irrigated. No doubt that Israeli AgTech is attracting the attention of the local and global angel and venture capital investors. Also global companies are making deals, joint R&D and other ventures with Israeli Agtech firms. At the end of the day, Agriculture is a multi billion dollar industry worldwide that combine also values of community and collaboration, and Israeli AgTech may well have the power to influence the agriculture of the future and its sustainability by integrating its advanced hitech into the farms. In the following video we briefly outline the deal making process for the AgTech sector in Israel. Other videos of these series will be released soon.